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Scaled Agile Framework

SAFe DevOps Practitioner (SDP)

If you want to boost the full flow of value from idea to operational solution through a Continuous Delivery Pipeline, then this course is for you. As a professional, you will be required to engage in Continuous Exploration, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Release-on-Demand, Continuous Testing, Continuous Protection, and Creation of a Culture of Shared Responsibility. You will explore SAFe’s CALMR (Culture, Automation, Lean, Measure, Recover) approach to DevOps, which will help you in building a culture of shared responsibility for delivering the full spectrum of solutions. You will also be able to align people, processes, and technology throughout your organization to achieve faster time-to-market.

Individuals who are interested in learning more about Devops. It is not required to have expertise with DevOps or SAFe.
• Development Managers      • Product Managers
• Engineering Managers       • Product Owners
• Configuration Managers       • System Administrators
• Release Managers         • QA Managers
• Development Leads         • DBAs, InfoSec
• Developers             • Testers
• UI/UX Developers          • Release Train Engineers
• Infrastructure Architects      • Scrum Masters
• System Architects         • All members of an Agile Release Train
• Explain how DevOps enables strategic business objectives.
• Apply a CALMR approach to DevOps to avoid automating broken processes.
• Incorporate continuous testing and continuous security into the delivery pipeline.
• Use value stream mapping to measure flow and identify bottlenecks in the end-to-end delivery process.
• Select DevOps skills and tools strategically for the fastest, most compelling results.
• Prioritize DevOps solutions and investments for greatest economic benefit.
• Design and implement a multi-phased DevOps transformation plan tailored to their organization.
• Work with all roles and levels in the organization to continually optimize the value stream.
• Understand how successful DevOps requires continuous exploration, continuous integration, continuous deployment, and the ability to release to end users on demand.

Funding Eligibility

• Funding Eligibility This program has been certified under the IBF Standards and is qualified for subsidizing under the IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS), subject to all qualification criteria being met.
•For training programmes commencing 1 July 2022:
-70% of direct training cost*
-Singapore Citizens aged 40 years old and above will be eligible for 90% co-funding of direct training costs.

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