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AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty

The AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty certification is for developers and data scientists who want to validate their machine learning skills on the AWS platform. individuals have the ability to design, build, deploy and maintain machine learning solutions. This path covers the four key test domains: Data Engineering, Exploratory Data Analysis, Modeling, and Machine Learning Implementation and Operations. The information and resources contained in this path will be vital in preparing to take the AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty exam.

All are welcome to the program. Proficiency in expressing the intuition behind basic ML algorithms and performing basic hyperparameter optimization. Understanding of the ML pipeline and its components. Experience with ML and deep learning frameworks. Understanding of and experience in model training, deployment, and operational best practices will be helpful.
• Individuals performing a development or data science role seeking certification in machine learning and AWS.
• Data Repositories for ML
• Train ML models
• Evaluate ML models
• Perform featuring engineering
• Analyze and visualize data for ML
• Deploy and operationalize ML solutions
• Sanitize and prepare data for modeling
• Perform hyperparameter optimization
• Frame business problems as ML problems
• Identify and implement a data-ingestion solution
• Identify and implement a data-transformation solution
• Apply basic AWS security practices to ML solutions
• Select the appropriate model(s) for a given ML problem
• Build ML solutions for performance, availability, scalability, resiliency, and fault tolerance
• Recommend and implement the appropriate ML services and features for a given problem.

AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty - Training Schedule

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