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Scaled Agile Framework

Certified DevSRE™ Practitioner Training

DevSRE™ helps to minimize cost & customer impact of service disruption by transforming operations and IT systems into Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and enabling end-to-end product engineering. SRE is most commonly known as software engineering applied in managing IT systems and operations. Besides providing more reliability to the services, one of the other key benefits of SRE is non-linear operational cost, even with a linear growth demand for larger, at scale infrastructure. DevSRE makes learning & implementing SRE easier. In addition, DevSRE integrates the capabilities of SRE directly with product teams to converge the agility in development with the stability in production. DevSRE is a paradigm that enables end-to-end product engineering with a focus on elevating user experience through reliability engineering.

There are no prerequisites for attending the CPUE course program. Individuals who are interested in learning more about Certified Professional In Usability And User Experience Engineering can attend this certification.
• DevOps
• Support Engineers
• Product Owners
• Database Administrators who want to become top-notch SREs
• Product Managers who are accountable for defining product reliability and improving user experience
• Change agents, who are accountable for driving product and engineering transformations
• Plan an implementation strategy with a use case by understanding the Why, What, Who, Where, When, and How of SRE
• Understand the paradigm of DevSRE and how it solves some of the key challenges in implementing SRE:
 -Lack of end-to-end learning paths for individuals to become SREs
 -Lack of enterprise-level paradigms for SRE implementation
 -How to align SRE with existing frameworks and product transformation roadmaps
• Define SRE from business, development, and operational perspectives
• Define and instrument Service-Level Indicators (SLIs), Service-Level Objectives (SLOs), and Error Budget policy with a sample application for the use case
• Experience NALSD, observability, logs, metrics, traces, and resiliency (through chaos engineering)
• Implement golden signals of monitoring with commonly used tools
• Experience incident troubleshooting and blameless postmortems
• Learn toil reduction and the difference between automation and engineering
• Define skill set for SREs and their role & responsibilities
• Experience how to balance the development agility with the operational stability using the paradigm of DevSRE
• Experience toil reduction with Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) and engineering mindset

Certified DevSRE™ Practitioner Training - Training Schedule

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