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Collaborate to Win! Mastering relationships @work

The program explores the structure and framework of effective teams and collaboration. This training can be used as a step by step manual to walk a young professional through the process of becoming better at stakeholder engagement. The state-of-the-art curriculum design offers an optimum mix of theory and practice – Collaborative Leadership in action - through curated, interactive, in-class, live discussions of personal toolkits and case studies.

The program does not require any prior tech or business and is designed to introduce the basics of critical core skills of collaboration. The courses do not include any hands-on technical training.
• This program is for you if you want to connect the professional in yourself through the powerful toolkits and applications so you learn first-hand from real-life experiences and use cases.
• The course is tailor-made for banking, finance and insurance professionals, decision-makers and leaders across private, public and social sectors providing a systematic guided mechanism to help develop your personal effectiveness and create success! Of course, it is universally useful for all who need to understand the basis for large-scale teams-led collaborative disruptions.
• Manage relationships and work collaboratively and effectively with others to achieve goals.
• Contribute to a positive and cooperative working environment by fulfilling own responsibilities, managing interpersonal relationships.
• Build relationships and work effectively with various stakeholders to create synergies in working towards shared goals.
• Establish team effectiveness and manage partnerships to create a cooperative working environment which enables the achievement of goals.

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