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Scaled Agile Framework

Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master

Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master (DASSM) is an instructor-led online interactive course that guides you through using the Disciplined Agile Tool Kit to manage Agile Projects. You will gain the necessary skills, knowledge, and competency to manage your agile project team while planning, reporting, and coordinating activities to solve various advanced problems. As a Senior Scrum Master, this course helps develop your emotional intelligence, resolve conflicts, and lead a high-performance team at any development stage.

Familiarity with the Agile Manifesto and Agile projects would be helpful. Therefore, prior completion of a course such as the ICAgile Certified Agile Fundamentals or the Certified Disciplined Agile Scrum Master would be recommended.
• SCRUM Masters      • Agile Teams
• Product Owners      • Business Analysts
• Program Managers    • Acknowledge Disciplined Agile for their teams and want to get a better understanding to scale agile across the organization.
• Project Managers      • Understand the fundamentals of Agile and Lean and better yet have practical experience of applying them.
• PMO Managers      • Are experienced with Agile and who would like to move their career to the next level.
• Project Leaders
• Speed up your ability to execute high-profile initiatives that are vital to the success of organizations.
• Use Disciplined Agile toolkit to develop a complete understanding of the practices & strategies and the trade-offs of applying them.
• Apply the Disciplined Agile tool kit to guide your team in choosing your best way of working (WoW) in real-life situations.
• Use the tool kit to address dynamic problems often found in production and operational teams, the value stream, and at the organizational level.
• Design and implement metrics that measure your improvements in areas where your teams are struggling.
• Understand the ways to nurture emotional intelligence.
• Feel confident to inspire those on your team.
• Determine how to lead your teams in any situation to improve value delivery for your customers.
• Apply the Disciplined Agile tool kit, to direct your team in selecting and improving the best way of working (WoW).

Funding Eligibility

• Funding Eligibility This program has been certified under the IBF Standards and is qualified for subsidizing under the IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS), subject to all qualification criteria being met.
•For training programmes commencing 1 July 2022:
-70% of direct training cost*
-Singapore Citizens aged 40 years old and above will be eligible for 90% co-funding of direct training costs.

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