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UXQCC-Certified Professional in Usability and User Experience Engineering (CPUE)

The Foundation Level of the certification program for the Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience Engineering addresses all persons and professional areas involved in the development of software, mobile or Internet applications. This includes software developers, GUI programmers, SCRUM masters, project managers and personnel, organizers, supervisors, technical staff, IT auditors and quality assurance representatives as well as management personnel in charge of software quality. The Foundation Level knowledge ensures that definitions and basic skills are obtained both about the human being (for example, regarding perception, mental models, faulty behavior / errors) and about the techniques for developing interactive systems (for example, interaction styles, modeling techniques, dialog principles).Each section of this syllabus has a cognitive level learning and cognitive Levels of Knowledge associated with it.

There are no specific requirements or base certifications, Prior knowledge of usability is an advantage.
• Online marketers          • IT managers
• Concept developers        • Management consultant
• Usability engineers         • Business process analysts
• Usability testers         • Automotive
• Web developers          • Finance
• Quality managers         • Healthcare
• Designers            • Public service
• Development managers
• Principles of Usability and User Experience.
• Basics of human perception and information processing.
• Usability engineering process and methods
• UX in various software development processes.
• Standard guidelines and accessibility.

UXQCC-Certified Professional in Usability and User Experience Engineering (CPUE) - Training Schedule

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